Empowering Effective Management: A Leadership Revolution

Leadership is about more than just managing your team, you know that already. It's about all the little things that take time day by day, hour by hour, but mostly it’s about getting the most out of your team, so they are contributing, collaborating and unlocking the potential and talents within each team member. Sitting at the heart of this journey is Team Builder, a platform that revolutionises the way teams interact, perform, and succeed. Our approach begins with a deep dive into the personalities, strengths and diversity that makes up your team. We believe that understanding and leveraging these individual differences is key to fostering collaboration and driving productivity.

Team Builder offers more than just insights; it provides a path to celebrating and utilising the unique qualities of every single team member. By appreciating the diversity of personalities within your team, we create an environment where every individual feels understood and valued. This understanding builds a foundation of trust and respect essential for any high-performing team.

Our philosophy extends beyond initial assessments. We see development as an ongoing journey, where Team Builder evolves with your team. Through continuous learning and adaptation, our online coach offers tailored advice and support that grows more insightful with each interaction. This dynamic approach ensures that as your team members develop, so does the coaching they receive, making Team Builder an ever-relevant partner in your leadership journey, and in the development of the team.

By embracing Team Builder, you're not just adopting a set of tools; you're committing to a philosophy of growth and excellence.

Help Coaching Direct Reports
Delegating Work To Team Members
Gaining Support From A New Team

Building Trust with Team Builder

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful team, and Team Builder is here to ensure you're building it on a solid foundation making it simple and effective for team leaders to connect with their members on a more personal level and for team members to connect with each other, building an environment of trust and respect. With Team Builder, you're not just managing a team; you're nurturing a community of collaboration and productivity.

Enhancing Communication for Peak Performance

With Team Builder, we take your team's communication from good to great with a sprinkle of our personalised AI coaching magic. It's all about tapping into the individual communication styles and motivations of each team member, ensuring that everyone is speaking the same language - even if they're not. This reduces misunderstandings and streamlines collaboration, pushing your team towards their shared goals with greater harmony and efficiency. Imagine a world where every interaction is clear, purposeful, and productive, that’s the world Team Builder creates; where you're not just working together, but moving forward, together, with every step.

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Navigating Personalities and Aligning Goals

Navigating the intricate landscape of diverse personalities within your team is both an art and a science. Team Builder's nuanced development strategies are designed to bring this complexity into the open, offering a tailored approach that acknowledges and celebrates the individuality of each team member. By understanding and leveraging these unique traits, we align them with your team's collective objectives, creating a synergy that enhances overall productivity and fosters a workplace where harmony and collaboration prevail.

This alignment isn't just about matching skills to tasks; it's about an environment of shared purpose and understanding, where every strand - the ambitions, motivations, and preferences of each individual - strengthens the whole. Team Builder facilitates this process through insightful analytics and adaptive, ongoing learning, ensuring that as your team's goals evolve, so does their ability to meet them. This dynamic approach guarantees a continuously harmonious and productive workplace, where every member feels valued and invested in the team's success.

How We Do It?

In four easy steps you’ll be able to get started


Create your team

Add your team members, who will then receive an invitation to complete a short, 5-minute assessment. This initial step is crucial for setting the foundation for personalised development and will provide each of them with their own full, in-depth psychological profile.


Personalised Profiles and AI Insights

Once they have completed the assessment, each of your team receives their personalised profile. This unlocks their own personal AI-powered advisor that has detailed knowledge of their personality, providing bespoke support, advice and guidance.


Unparalleled Admin Insights

As Administrator, you have unparalleled insights into each team member and the team's overall dynamic. This comprehensive view allows you to make informed decisions, provide individual support, better manage and motivate them by understanding the unique dynamics.


Team-Wide AI Insights

Your team isn't just a collection of individuals; it's a unit with its own unique dynamics. Each team is assigned an AI-Powered advisor who understands each individual and the collective team, offering guidance to support team and individual performance, and growth.

Why Use Team Builder

Here are a few reasons why


Your team will begin a journey of self-discovery and personal growth with their AI advisor. The team map will help you and them understand the strengths, motivations and areas for development of the team. Then they can use their AI-powered advisor to ask for advice and guidance, knowing this is in confidence and based on their unique personality.

  • Where am I strong, how can I better contribute?
  • Can you give some tips for working with Ian?
  • Why do Oscar and I get along, yet Carter and I clash?
  • If I am to step up what development would you recommend?


Team Assessment will encourage and promote team learning and a better awareness of the dynamics within the team. The team will better understand each other and how they can better work together, where any potential pinch points might be and, more importantly, what to do about them.

  • What are our collective strengths?
  • Who contributes what?
  • How can we best leverage our strengths?
  • Are there any gaps we have to cover?


Every organisation is looking to build high performing teams and using Team Assessment, teams will better understand their dynamics, their strengths and how to better leverage them, the areas where they have gaps or weaknesses and what to do about them so creating a collaborative, harmonious and better performing team.

  • Foster individual self-awareness and understanding
  • Create high-performing teams
  • Smooth out group conflicts and friction
  • Create a true learning organisation

Kickstart Your Leadership Journey

Begin your leadership journey with Team Builder, your partner in navigating the complexities of team dynamics and differences. Our hands-on free trial invites you to experience the transformative power Team Builder can bring to your team's understanding, interaction and performance, first hand. This journey is more than about making temporary adjustments; it's about redefining what leadership and teamwork mean in your context. By setting a new standard for excellence in leadership, Team Builder ensures your team not only meets but exceeds their goals, propelling everyone towards a future of success and cohesion.

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